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Curious for new taste?

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Curious for new taste? 

With 17 years of experience at Belgian Spirits Company and launching more than 8 successful Liquor brands, we decided to step into the drink mixer market. With a great passion for rhinos, we launched a mandarin-flavored mixer known as MANDARHINO®. 

Our Product

Perfect mixer

MANDARHINO® is a fruity mixer that is made of freshly squeezed mandarins. It is a crafted Belgian brand that we believe is going to become the next big craze. Cheers and enjoy MANDARHINO® in the mix or sip it straight from the bottle.


Our story

Manda life

Pieter-Jan Frooninckx, the founder of Belgian Spirits Company, established his first vineyard in his parent's garden in 2005. This was the first step in entering the food and beverage industry. Since then, Belgian Spirits company has launched different alcohol products such as Frozen Liquors in 2010, Obey Vodka in 2011, PJ Gin in 2013, and HAVN gin in 2016. In May 2021, Belgian Spirits Company decided to establish a new product in the market called Mandarhino®. This fruity mixture is made of fresh mandarins and can be mixed with most alcoholic drinks such as gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, ginger, etc.



Would you like to be part of the MANDARHINO® team? We hire experts in their respective fields. We are always looking for people who are passionate and love the work they do. Having the freedom of showcasing your work and ideas, would always be valued at MANDARHINO®.  Contact us and we cannot wait to hear from you.



Got any questions? We are all ears (and eyes).
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“There is nothing better than a drink unless the drink is MANDARHINO®.” 

Shamba Ahmedi

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